With the colder season comes a change in both environment and, with many of us, a change in moods. These long rainy days and cold winter wind can leave some of us feeling a bit gloomy. If this sounds like you, now may be the perfect time to consider changing your hair colour – you’d be amazed at how a new do can put you in high spirits!

We’ve gathered what we think are the best hair colours of Winter-Spring 2017. We hope these will inspire you to refresh your look and add a little variety to your season!


#1 Sombre


Ombre is out and sombre is in! This gorgeous “grown out” colour is a subtle graduation from the roots to the ends of the hair – a small change but one that can really make a big difference. This softer version of an ombre has been popular with lots of celebrities, including Emilia Clarke, Sarah Jessica Parker and Olivia Wilde.

The greatest feature of sombre is its low maintenance. Depending on how closely your natural colour is matched to your roots, you can easily grow the colour out without that harsh regrowth line.


#2 Rose Gold


For those that are looking for something a little out of the ordinary… consider going rose gold! This beautiful colour is perfect for blondes who want to try a different colour, but without the big commitment of a dramatic change.

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Rumer Willis and Sienna Miller have rocked this colour out on the red carpet.


#3 Silver Fox


We’ve seen silver locks becoming more and more popular over the past few months, and we think it’s the perfect colour for winter! While it’s a longer process to get this gorgeous grey colour, the results can be truly incredible – you’re bound to get a tonne of comments from friends (and probably strangers too!).

Both length and condition of your hair will play a big role in achieving the ultimate silver fox look – if you’re not sure whether your hair is right for this colour trend, pop on into the salon for a chat with one of our stylists.


#4 Pastels


For those who aren’t afraid to make a statement with their locks, try experimenting with pastel colours! While easiest on blonde hair, ladies with darker hair can achieve this look as well – but it’s best to lighten the hair slowly over time to not compromise the condition of your hair.

Pastel highlights are a great way to start – check out Ariel Winter rocking some cool pastel blue highlights!


Inspired to change your winter locks but not sure what’s the best colour for you? We’re here to help! We’d love to have a chat and find a colour that suits your hair type and your lifestyle. Call us at the salon today on (06) 357 9966 to book in a free consultation with one of our highly skilled stylists.